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Favorite Stamp by Ravechu





CBNS: The Mentors by 123soleil
CBNS: The Mentors
Because our heroes won't be who they are without their respective mentor.

I tried some humanised versions of these characters (except AkuAku, who remains in his mask appearance) for my CBNS project. Some of them will have a little role, more or less important, others will be mentioned in flashbacks etc... 

Here's a quick introduction for each of them, and their relationship with our heroes.
(from the top to the bottom ~)

Betilla: great fairy from the Glade of Dreams, and Gardian of Knowledge and Learning. She guided Rayman in his journey to get back the Great Protoon, stolen by Mr Dark.

Big Face: a Mudokon shaman who saved Abe after he escaped from Rupture Farms. He is the one who granted Abe the power to turn into the Shrykull, the Mudokon Deity, after he successfully passed both Paramonia and Scrabania's trials. 

King Rufus: Small by his height, big by his heart. Leader of the Gobbo people, King Rufus found Croc while he was still a baby. He raised him like his own son, and taught him everything about Gobbos's way of life. 

Grandpa: Elder of the Wind Village Breezegale, Grandpa was Klonoa's grand father. Having a great wisdom and knowledge, he taught Klonoa everything about the History and legends of Phantomile.

Aku Aku: the spirit of a witch doctor inside a magic mask. Aku Aku has been found by both Crash and Coco when these two landed on the N.Sanity Island. Since then, he accompanies them in their journey and protect them as much as possible. 

Nestor: being one of the five main leaders of the Dragon Realms, Nestor is also Spyro's main tutor. He was in charge to teach Spyro everything which deals with the art of pyromancy, both academic and practical. 

Chop Chop Master Onion (aka Tamanegi Sensei): Parappa's main teacher, Master Onion is the ruler of the Fruit Dojo. He taught Parappa how to fight, after the latter wanted to be a hero.

Alfred: Who said elderly couldn't handle technology ? Retired secret agent, Alfred is now Gex' butler. From the Mission Control, he supervise Gex's trainings and missions in the Media Dimension. He can interact with Gex by way of holograms of himself, which enable him to be omnipresent to give him some useful pieces of advice. 

Lack of new stuffs, sorry about that X(. My job is quite demanding these days...

CBNS: K.Bros battle by 123soleil
CBNS: K.Bros battle
If you haven't read DS's CBNS latest chapter updated one week ago, :la: go read it !!!

I couldn't help but to draw a bunch of doodles after reading this long awaited chapter, which mainly deals with the confrontation against the Komodo BrothersI am a dummy! Heart 
Some little elements of this chapter were inspirated from this gribouillage dawah 

SCE Studio Cambridge
CBNS: Request by 123soleil
CBNS: Request
... He is taking note ~Writing 

Oh my I love this TV broadcast so much :la::heart: !! 
I still have many episode to catch up though ...

Hello =D !

I was wondering (as Halloween was yesterday), how do people from others countries celebrate their dead people ? 

:eager: by darkmoon3636 Tell me from which country you are, and what celebration you do for this kind of event ! :la:I'm curious:heart: !!

In France, Halloween doesn't really belong to our culture, but it used to be really a-la-mode back in the 90's when I was a kid X). All the neighborhood was playing the game, deguised family and kids were knocking to people's door to get candies. This was great =D !
Nowaday, Halloween doesn't have such an impact anymore. In my suburb, only little scums and twats wearing a hoodie are knocking to our door to get candies, pretending to be deguised a "Jedi"... how pathetic Seriously, No. ...

In fact, we really celebrate our dead people on the 1st or November: it's a holiday called "Toussaint" (which means "All Saints"), on which people go to graveyards to reflect on their family members' graves.
It's more solemn than festive, that's too bad... I wish we could celebrate our dead people in a much more festive way, like Halloween, El Dia de Los Muertos or againt Bon-Odori...

Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] So tell me about you !! :heart:
CBNS: Glomp Ambush by 123soleil
CBNS: Glomp Ambush
"Betilla no :stare:"

I wanted to draw these two cutie before going to sleep.
Gonna enjoy so much the entering in Winter Time >v< :heart: (+1 hour-sleep :la::heart:)




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I've been trying to plan out a human cosplay for Spyro and got kind of stuck on what to do for it.
I then came across your art. I fell in love with how you did all the games from my childhood. Your Spyro also helped me get a few ideas for what to do for my costume. So, it would be similar to your Spyro, is that okay?
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Love Your Art's <3
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