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Favorite Stamp by Ravechu





CBNS: Glomp Ambush by 123soleil
CBNS: Glomp Ambush
"Betilla no :stare:"

I wanted to draw these two cutie before going to sleep.
Gonna enjoy so much the entering in Winter Time >v< :heart: (+1 hour-sleep :la::heart:)

CBNS: Trouble Makers by 123soleil
CBNS: Trouble Makers
:la: Quick introduction of some enemies mentioned in the 2nd Arc of the CBNS fanfic.
Their current design/humanization may not be definitive though, as they remain a first try ~

Rezling Sentinels (aka HeliTelly, TVbombs, etc ...)
Under the authority of: Rez

Moving on four mechanical legs, and flying thank to propellers, these TVsets are actually spying devices which, in case of emergenciy, can self-desctruct in a big explosion. Their sharped mechanical legs and propellers can be used in both offensive/defensive way.
Each Rezling Sentinel is assigned to a Slig Guard, which make their patrol much more effective. Molluck equiped the Rezling Sentinel with a motion captor, in order to better detect intruders in pitchblack areas.

Slig Guards:
Under the authority of: Molluck

The stupid and nasty guards patroling in the whole Molluck Enterprises facilities. Their are moving with mechanical legs, due to their atrophied and underdeveloped legs. The Slig guards are in general particularly trigger happy and very supersticious: if they're aware that one of them is being possessed (by Abe), they panick and start shooting at eachothers. This is one of the reason why Slig Guards turnover is also quite important. 
Rez equiped them with communication devices and also a heart rate monitor, which enable to better recognize the possessed Sligs, in order to prevent them from "going full-retard" and then to avoid a waste "à-la Battle Royale".
Each Slig Guard patrol with a Rezling Sentinel.

Dantini Soldiers:
Under the authority of: Baron Dante

Actualliy, they are different kind of Dantini Soldiers according to their function and to the place they are posted. This one for instance is a "Devil Dantini" soldiers, recognizable by his dark armor and pitchfork. He can shoot fireballs in straight line... I remember they used to stress me so much ...
Just as I humanized Baron Dante wearing a kind of armor, I gave Dantini soldiers an armor too.

Under the authority of: Mrs.Razobeard

An updated and more sophisticated version of the previous Henchman800. Their left hand is a cannon which can shoot many kind of bullet, and a reactor is implemented in their back, enable them to fly. They settled in a deserted castle in the Dragon Realm, after an order given by Mrs Razorbeard.

Gnorc Warriors:
Under the authority of: the Sorceress

After the defeat of Gnasty Gnorc against Spyro a few years ago, the Gnorc army has been disbanded. While some Gnorcs perfectly integrated themselves in the Dragon Realm (some of them are even running an amusement parc in the Dragon Shores =) !), others wallowed in their frustration, waiting for the best opportunity to take revenge and to create havoc in the whole Dragon Realm.
The Sorceress met these Gnorc Warriors, and thank to her rhetoric and argumentation, she easily convinced them to follow her lead and to fight on her side. 

These descriptions will be updated later though.
For now I'm going to sleep ~


CBNS: Common Enemies by 123soleil
CBNS: Common Enemies
Just a quick introduction of the main kind of enemies Crash, Coco and their friends meet in the 1st Arc of CBNS (CB1).

Bullet; Orange  The Natives :spearshake:
Under the authority of: Papu Papu

Main dwellers of the N.Sanity Archipelago (more specially on the N.Sanity Island and in the Wumpa Island), the natives are the first foes Crash and Cie met at the beginning of their adventure. Their village is surrounded by a huge gate, kept by natives armed of a spear and a shield. 

Bullet; Green The Gunslingers and the Toxicdrum Throwers:blamblam: 
Under the autority of: Pinstripe Potoroo

Pinstripe's loyal henchmen. They are around ten of them patrolling in the whole Cortex Power factory, held by Pinstripe. Their main task is to prevent intruders from entering in the toxic factory, and to repel them by the use of arms. While the gunslingers are keeping the main entrance of the factory, the toxicdrum throwers are posted in the toxic wastes sorting area.

Bullet; Blue The Lab Assistants Request: henriettapink 
Under the autority of: Dr.Neo Cortex (and Dr. Nitrus Brio)

The robotic assistants of the Doctor Triumvirate. They mainly obey to Dr Neo Cortex, but also to Dr Nitrus Brio and to Dr N.Gin. They are located in the lab of Dr Cortex' castle, on the last island of the N.Sanity Archipelago. They can be sent outside the lab for special tasks, in that case they usually move by group. They can neutralize opponents with electric shocks coming from their hands, strong enough to make them faint.

CrashBandicoot/Natives/Pinstripe's henchmen/Lab Assistants/Backgrounds©NaughtyDog
CBNS: Wuh uh oh by 123soleil
CBNS: Wuh uh oh
"Now put your hands up ~"Music Note 

:stare: Got the chorus of this frigging song stuck in my mind all day long ... at my job.

Sorry for the lack of stuff lastly.

CBNS: The story of ... by 123soleil
CBNS: The story of ...
:stare: ...
My brother told me this ... joke ?... yesterday evening. Probably the shortest and dumbiest short story I have ever heard ಠ_ಠ"

Made me think it also could be the kind of weird twaddle Gex would randomly say.





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I then came across your art. I fell in love with how you did all the games from my childhood. Your Spyro also helped me get a few ideas for what to do for my costume. So, it would be similar to your Spyro, is that okay?
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