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CBNS Hunter Hoodie? by g1rorschsch CBNS Hunter Hoodie? :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 4 5 CBNS Formal Coco by g1rorschsch CBNS Formal Coco :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 5 3 Mother's Day by HR-OnlyReadTheHRpart Mother's Day :iconhr-onlyreadthehrpart:HR-OnlyReadTheHRpart 11 8 CBNS Elora Hoodie by g1rorschsch CBNS Elora Hoodie :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 6 2 CBNS Bed Head (intense) by g1rorschsch CBNS Bed Head (intense) :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 8 7 CBNS Bed Head (soft) by g1rorschsch CBNS Bed Head (soft) :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 4 2 CBNS Happy Mother's Day by WumpaKid101 CBNS Happy Mother's Day :iconwumpakid101:WumpaKid101 7 6 CBNS Formal Ly by g1rorschsch CBNS Formal Ly :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 19 4 CBNS Formal Betilla by g1rorschsch CBNS Formal Betilla :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 7 4 CBNS Katy Hoodie by g1rorschsch CBNS Katy Hoodie :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 5 2 CBNS Formal Elora by g1rorschsch CBNS Formal Elora :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 7 4 CBNS Seashell Bra by g1rorschsch CBNS Seashell Bra :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 7 6 CBNS Rex Hoodie by g1rorschsch CBNS Rex Hoodie :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 6 2 CBNS Hoodies by g1rorschsch CBNS Hoodies :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 6 1 CBNS Penta Hoodie by g1rorschsch CBNS Penta Hoodie :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 7 1 CBNS Hog Hoodie by g1rorschsch CBNS Hog Hoodie :icong1rorschsch:g1rorschsch 5 9


:iconclaraknight: :iconxxcrashx: :iconbluecaramelcloud: :iconeveillesort: :iconcateye007: :iconx-dragonqueen-x: :icongreenysolitare: :icong1rorschsch: :icondark-swordfish: :iconsamritaaa: :iconsanada-number09: :iconkimmotman: :iconmilestailsprower-007:




*Takes a deep breath...*
HERE THEY ARE :la: !!!!
I wish they kept Roo's original laught though...
CBNS: Puppets, dummies and fake hemoglobin
Just a quick doodle before sleeping, 'cause I've been definitely inspired by g1rorschsch and his latest serie of heroes wearing hoodies.

So here you are, Kid Gex in a Jaws inspired hoodie :dummy:

Good night my dears :heart: ~
:iconteheplz: :iconteheplz: :iconteheplz: :iconteheplz: :iconteheplz: :iconteheplz: :iconteheplz: :iconteheplz: :iconteheplz: :iconteheplz: :iconteheplz:

I can't help but wonder how this level will be told in the CBNS fanfic :la::heart:
CBNS: Old Acquaintances 2
:la: Remember the 3 secret silouhettes mentioned here, here, and here ?

Here they are, 2 years after the first Old Aquaintance pict I sent :shame:... But seriously, this one took me waaaaaaaaaay too much time. 

Poison Claws Janga:
from: Klonoa Heroes
Janga is a foe firstly mentioned in the end of the PS1 game Klonoa Beach Volleyball. 
Just like Joka, Janga is a partisan of Nightmares. Both he and Joka used to teamwork back in the days in order to put spaners in Klonoa's works. Rude, aggressive and foul-mouthed, Janga will gladly assassinate brats for some booze. His incredible agility enables him to be bullet proof :stare:.

Admiral Razorwife:
from: Rayman Rush
Razorwife (aka Mrs.Razorbeard) is a playable character in the ps1 game Rayman Rush.
Razorwife is the short-tempered leader of the Robot Pirate Crew. She took the lead after her dear husband Razorbeard was scattered in pieces by Rayman, and since then she bears a grudge against the youth, and can't wait to make him pay. On the contrary of her loyal Henchmen 1000, both her arms can turn into fancy pistol canon as she pleases, and despite her appareance she remains an impressive ballistic expert. Her left leg is also a dagger. Razorwife enjoys practicing opera singing on her freetime, and doing little origami hat... which actually fit pretty well on the Henchmen 1000 I am a dummy! .

Mooshoo Pork:
from: Gex Enter the Gecko
Mooshoo Pork is the second boss encountered in Gex EtG. 
Scientistcookbutcher, psychopath, MooshooPork is Rez' associate, and helped this latest to build the whole Rezopolis section of the Media Dimention in the past. Mooshoo is a heavy fighter, strong enough to handle his Meat-Tendizer with only one arm, in order to be able to counter-attack with his butcher knife in case an opponent is getting too close. Enjoys cooking contest brodcasts and autopsy scenes in crime show on his free time. This maniac's motto would be something like "Science justifies murder :la:". 

(Description to be updated later though...)

UGH. Was it OOMCZ ? You bet it was :stare: ... Although you got an early preview of Razorwife redesign in some of my recent pictures, the humanization of the two others was a REAL struggle. I had a general ideal of how I wanted them to be humanised, but I wasn't satisfied once on paper. I had to restart many time to get something a bit right, but yet I still wasn't satisfied XD. But I had to stop though.
Also, Janga and Mooshoo were definitely challenging for others reason: I don't really know Janga, and there's only a few footage of him to get some inspiration. Fortunately DS was a huge support and found me some added content to work on Janga =). And Mooshoo, well, I simply hate this boss from the bottom of my heart: I mean, I think so far I only fought him four, maybe five times in my entire life ? The reason is when I was a kid, he was bloody terrifying :stare:: his arena is a creepy lab and he's chasing Gex during the whole fight. And seriously, a Cow/Pork Hybrid ?! This is messed up ... But despite that, I wanted to give him justice just like I do with the other CBNS characters so far, so I took some liberties, like giving him some weapon for instance =)


From what I've learnt from Eurovision so far:
Bullet; Blue French is one of the official languages of the contest
Bullet; Blue Israel and Australia now belong to Europe, ... wait what ? :stare:
Bullet; Blue ... aren't contestants supposed to sing in their own language ? I thought it was the main purpose of the contest though.

That overly cheesy contest I swear ... :roll:


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